catjesus (catjesus) wrote,

Meow Halloween? Meow straight to hell meow.

Meow meow celebrate satanic holiday 'Halloween' meow tomorrow? Meow get ready straight meow hell. Halloween is meow meow way meow devil invade meow life, even good meow catchristians I meow see dressing their meow children up for halloween, meow unaware of meow roots of meow paganistic-satanic meow holiday. I DIDN'T GET MY PAWS NAILED TO SHIT AND DIE MEOW COME BACK SO MEOW MEOW YOU COULD PISS YOUR MEOW SOUL DOWN THE TOILET APPLE BOBBING MEOW DRESSING LIKE A MEOW PIRATE OR WHATEVER STUPID SHIT MEOW DOING. Meow sorry. Meow idea meow satanic holiday being celebrated yearly upset meow. Meow. Meow becomes meow carried away sometimes but meow really, people, read meow writing meow wall. It spells: H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N E-Q-U-A-L-S M-E-O-W H-A-P-P-Y S-A-T-A-N D-A-Y M-E-O-W.
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