catjesus (catjesus) wrote,

meowzilla browser better with libejournal meow

IT KNOWS TO ask which username meow want use AND EVERYTHING MEOW! tODAY MEOW xomplain (sorry meow caps lock and typo) about things which lead meow meow astray meow, get it meow? Astray? cat. Stray cat meow. How many of yall meow church? I bet yall meow do. But how many yall same meow motherfuckers be meowing to meow club? Mm hmm. That is what meow thought. Meow drug taking, meow smart acting, meow pussy chasing, meow LSD, meow acid tripping. Meow don't be all 'meow meow love meow catjesus' then turn around and treat me like some kind of asshole like that because it's really not cool.
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