catjesus (catjesus) wrote,

Prolife white trash meow banned me :|

meow infidel pig maranta from the prolife "lie" journal, meow so-called "secular prolifer" meow *bullshit* meow can't take someone meowing their right wing propaganda right back at them! . meow bunch of warped fundies meow perverting meow word, and sellout christian "punks" want to shout hooray for some dumb wino that some stupid writer pretended got nailed meow cross two thousand+ years ago (meow resemblence to meow me meow purely coincidental meow meow, meow restrictions apply) and then booksnotbombs wants to equate meow murder of meow doctor with the vandalizing meow starbucks, and they treat me like meow anti-christian joke! MEOW! meow verily, meow hath turned their faces away from meow, meow shall reap meow consequences meow afterlife.

meow need meow start campaign. meow, meow disciples, meow apostles, meow students, meow children meow me, meow none of the above, go forth meow, meow spread my word meow far and wide meow livejournal! meow raise meow mighty congregations, meow serve meow me, meow father, meow great thy reward meow catparadise! meowmen.
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